Growing Chefs! Ontario: Specialist High Skills Major Field Trips

Specialist High Skills Major Field Trips
Posted on: Sep 6, 2023

What to Expect: Spend the day at The Grove, an agri-business food hub, with Growing Chefs! Ontario! In a Dragon’s Den” style competition, students will work in groups to create innovative, new ideas for social enterprises that address social or environmental challenges. Throughout the day, students will take part in an interactive cooking class and greenhouse scavenger hunt, learn about worm composting and more! Through these experiences and the opportunity to speak with our team of talented chefs and educators, students will be able to identify a challenge within the food system and pitch creative solutions that not only address the problem but also generate income to be financially sustainable. At the end of the day, teams will compete against each other to pitch their ideas, and a winner will be crowned. Did we mention the lunch menu is all TikTok recipe trends?! All students will go home with full stomachs, engaged minds, and inspiration to fuel a new passion!

Optional pre-learning and post-learning resources will be provided.

If you’re looking for Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (I.C.E) Training – look no further! This experience also includes a Reach-Ahead Experience.

Who can register:
A Specialist High Skills Major Coordinator in Agriculture, Environment, Business, Horticulture and Landscaping, Arts and Culture, Tourism and Hospitality, or Non-Profit. If your SHSM doesn’t have 24 students, please combine with other SHSMs at your school to reach a total of 24 students.

Dates & Time:
2024/2025 School Year, 9:30 – 1:30

The Grove at The Western Fair District, located at 900 King St. This facility includes a learning kitchen equipped with audio/​visual supports, classrooms, greenhouses, and a worm composting project.

$1000. Cost includes all programming and an amazing lunch.

Food Allergies:
Our team is highly experienced in managing dietary restrictions. Do not let a dietary concern prevent your child from participating in our programming. Get in contact with our staff team and we’ll do our best to make appropriate accommodations. If a participant has a life-threatening allergy, please read our official Allergen Statement here and let us know if you have any questions.

Accessibility and Inclusivity:
We are proud to announce our facility at The Grove can accommodate wheelchair users, even including our greenhouse and washroom. We also have a gender-inclusive washroom available and are a safe space. Please let our staff team know of any mobility or any needed accommodations in advance, and we will plan accordingly.

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