Growing Chefs! Ontario: Agri-Food Experience Field Trips

Agri-Food Experience Field Trips

In partnership with the Western Fair District, we are launching field trips for Grade 6 – 8 at the Grove. These field trips will provide a unique learning environment in which students can gain perspective and knowledge about their place within a sustainable food system.

Posted on: Mar 10, 2023

Registration for this program is currently only open to teachers who had their Agri-Food Experience canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. Once all field trips are booked, we will open registration for a self-guided virtual Agri-Food Experience.

What to expect:
Growing Chefs! Ontario has been partnering with Western Fair District for years every May to offer fun, interactive, hands-on field trips to the Western Fair to explore food systems and learn where food comes from. Since the pandemic, the Agri-Food Experience has been offered virtually each May, but we’re ready to bring it back in person!

This year’s Agri-Food Experience, we will have so mush fun exploring mushrooms from spore to table! As part of Agri-Food Experience week, classes can take part in a food-systems themed field trip including an interactive cooking class, and a greenhouse and garden tour with Growing Chefs! Ontario. The Wormery will be joining us to teach us all about both worm composting and growing mushrooms! The menu is BBQ themed and includes mushroom beef burgers, grilled mushroom and veggie kebabs and even Lithuanian mushroom cookies (no actual mushrooms will be harmed in the making of the cookies, don’t worry)! Mushroom lovers and haters alike will both enjoy this field trip!

Who can register:
Grade 6 – 8 teachers

Date & Time:
May 8th, 9th or 10th, 2023. 10am-1pm

Field trips will be hosted at our new teaching facility, The Grove at The Western Fair District, located at 900 King St.

6 – 8

$12/​person (including adults). Cost includes programming and an amazing lunch. We are committed to providing low-cost food education experiences for youth. If cost is a barrier to registration, please contact christy@​growingchefsontario.​ca to explore subsidy options.

Masking and Vaccination:
Growing Chefs! continues to work closely with Public Health as we continue to transition away from COVID-19 related health and safety protocols for our programming and events. We strongly recommend vaccinations and masking as tools to minimize the spread of COVID-19, but will not be continuing to require masks be worn in our facilities.

Food Allergies:
If food allergies are a concern, rest assured that our team is highly experienced in managing dietary restrictions. Do not let a dietary concern prevent your students from participating in our programming. Once your field trip is booked, please email christy@​growingchefsontario.​ca with any severe dietary restrictions if you’re unsure we can accommodate (you will submit all dietary restrictions closer to the field trip date).

Accessibility and Inclusivity:
We are proud to announce our facility at The Grove can accommodate wheelchair users, even including our greenhouse and washroom. We also have a gender-inclusive washroom available and are a safe space. Please let our staff team know of any mobility or any needed accommodations in advance, and we will plan accordingly.

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