Growing Chefs! Ontario: Thoughts on Food and Food Security

Thoughts on Food and Food Security

London’s Vital Signs – Food security starts with food education to help the next generation understand the role that food has played through our history and needs to play as we adapt our social, economic, and food systems to an uncertain future.

Posted on: Nov 30, 2021

London’s Vital Signs

For the past 13+ years Growing Chefs! has worked directly with over 40,000 children, youth and families, in over one hundred schools and dozens of local organizations, to help educate Londoners about food, food systems and how to develop the tools, strategies, skills and drive to make healthy change in their lives.

In that time, we have learned that food is intensely personal and everyone faces different barriers in terms of making positive changes in their daily diets.

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Adult Cooking Class pizza photo 2

Private Pizza Party at HQ

Are you looking for a fun night out with friends this summer, that will also support local food education? You now have the opportunity to host your very own, Private Pizza Party at our HQ!

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Monthly Adult Cooking Class

In person Adult Cooking Classes are back! Find out how attending one of our Adult classes will positively impact our community: one ticket, twice the impact!

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Growing Chefs! Ontario in the Classroom

We are thrilled to be relaunching our in-school programming! Our staff of chefs and educators will come right to your school, bringing with them all equipment, ingredients and supplies necessary to deliver fun, hands-on, experiential food education lessons.

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FDK-Grade 8 Field Trips

We are launching brand-new field trips for FDK-Grade 8 in our new space Growing Chefs! at the Grove. Grove Field Trips will provide a unique learning environment in which students can gain perspective and knowledge about their place within a sustainable food system.

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