Growing Chefs! Ontario Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca literally means jump into the mouth’ with flavour! These involtini’ are little wrapped bundles, try making with pounded chicken breast, or even simmered in a tomato sauce.
Serves 4
4 pieces Veal escalopes8 slices prosciutto8 fresh sage leaves4 tablespoons butter1/2 cup marsala1 lemon1 tablespoon olive oil Black pepper
Chef's knifeMalletMeasuring cupsMeasuring spoonsFrying panTongsWooden spoonSaran wrapDish towelTasting spoons

Get Organized!

Gather your mise en place; get together all of the equipment needed for the recipe and gather your ingredients.

Get Prepped!

Lay a sheet of saran wrap onto the table, then place the veal escalopes atop, covering with another sheet of saran wrap. Pound these until about 1 cm thick using the meat mallet. Season both sides of the veal with a little bit of black pepper.

Lay 2 sage leaves on top of each piece of veal, then lay the veal on top of 2 pieces of prosciutto. Roll this up nice and tight.

Get Cooking!

Heat a frying pan over medium heat with butter and olive oil until butter is completely melted. Place the veal into the pan frying all around until evenly golden brown, about 5 – 6 minutes. Remove these from the pan using tongs, then add the marsala. Using a wooden spoon, scrape the bottom of the pan to deglaze. Bring the marsala to a boil and let simmer until reduced by about half in volume. Once reduced, remove from heat and stir in 2 tablespoons of cold butter until sauce becomes glossy.

Squeeze fresh lemon juice over veal and top with marsala sauce to serve.