Growing Chefs! Ontario Zucchini Fritters

Zucchini Fritters

These delightful little vegetable pancakes are light, crispy and juicy all at the same time!
8 pancakes
3 large zucchini, grated2 green onion, finely chopped1/4 cup feta cheese1/2 small bunch fresh parsley, chopped1/2 bunch herbs - dill, cilantro or mint, chopped (plus extra to garnish)1 teaspoon paprika1/2 cup flour1 egg Salt to taste Pepper to taste Oil for frying
Cutting boardKnifeBox graterMixing bowlsFlipperMeasuring cupsMeasuring spoonsMedium frying panSpatulaTwo spoonsClean dish towel

Get Organized!

Gather your mis en place; get together all of the equipment needed for the recipe and gather your ingredients.

Get Prepped!

Coarsely grate the zucchini with a box grater. Place a clean dish towel in a bowl. Add the grated zucchini and then gather together the ends of the dish towel and squeeze any liquid out.

Measure out the flour, paprika and feta cheese. Crack the egg and whisk well.

Chop the green onion and herbs. Add the green onion, herbs, paprika, flour, and feta to the zucchini.

Season well with salt and pepper. Add the egg while mixing thoroughly.

Get Cooking!

Heat a few tablespoons of oil in a large frying pan and drop a heaped spoonful of the mixture into the hot oil, flattening the little cakes down with the back of the spoon as you go.

Cook for about 2 minutes each side until golden, and then transfer to a warm plate. Sprinkle with chopped herbs and enjoy!