Growing Chefs! Ontario Pumpkin Brulee

Pumpkin Brulee

Craving the pumpkin spice life? This pumpkin brulee will satisfy your pumpkin spice needs. The hint of cumin and cinnamon in this dish provide a touch of heat, while perfectly complementing the pumpkin and coconut milk goodness.
Serves 4
1 small can pumpkin puree, or roasted pumpkin1/4 cup cornstarch1/2 cup coconut milk1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 teaspoon cinnamon, ground1/2 teaspoon cumin, ground
Measuring spoonsMeasuring cupsMixing bowls, various sizesSpatulaHigh speed blenderCutting boardChef's knifeTasting spoonsDish towel

Get Organized!

Gather your mise en place; get together all of the equipment needed for the recipe and gather your ingredients.

Get Prepped!

Place all ingredients into a high speed blender, blend for 1 minute starting low then increasing to high.

Pour into an appropriate sized pot, cook over medium high heat, whisking until the mixture thickens.

Pour into 4 ramekins, place in the fridge to chill.

Get Cooking!

Coat with sugar on top, use a torch to crisp the top.

Garnish with Candied Pumpkin seeds.