Growing Chefs! Ontario Charred Savoy Cabbage with Lemon and Burnt Butter

Charred Savoy Cabbage with Lemon and Burnt Butter

In Denmark the most prized variety of cabbage for this dish is the sugarloaf; which is a sweet and delicate cabbage. If you are lucky enough to find a caraflex cabbage that would be a lovely substitute for the sugarloaf, otherwise a savoy cabbage works very well.
Serves 4 to 6
1 cup butter1 small savoy cabbage, tough outer layers removed, rinsed Salt to taste2 tablespoons freshly grated horseradish, or to taste1 tablespoon preserved lemon, finely diced dill sprigs, to serve
Cutting boardChef’s knifeMeasuring cupsMeasuring spoonsBowls various sizes for ingredientsRaspTongsLarge frying pan with lidWooden spoonTasting spoonsDish towel

Get Organized!

Gather your mise en place; get together all of the equipment needed for the recipe and gather your ingredients.

Get Prepped!

Remove the outer layer of the cabbage, and cut it into 6 – 8 wedges, keeping the root intact so it stays together.

Cut the butter into cubes.

Finely grate the horseradish.

Finely chop the preserved lemon.

Get Cooking!

Over medium high heat, melt the butter in the pan until it begins to foam, and then until it turns to browned butter. Cook it until it is very fragrant and not quite burnt, but quite dark. Immediately transfer it to another bowl.

In the frying pan melt the rest of the butter over medium heat. Add the cabbage and season with salt. Cook about 4 – 5 minutes per side, adding a splash of water into the pan and putting a lid on to steam the cabbage.

Once the cabbage is cooked, quickly reheat the browned butter with the freshly grated horseradish and preserved lemon. Spoon the mixture over the cabbage wedges and garnish with small sprigs of dill. Serve immediately.