Be a Fundraiser

Hold an event in support of Growing Chefs! Ontario

Help Growing Chefs! by hosting your own fundraising event or activity. There is no event or project too big or too small! Not only will your effort raise crucial funds for Growing Chefs!, but you can help spread the word about better food education for our children.

Get in touch with us for more information!

Here are a few suggested fundraising events:

  • dinner party
  • local food potluck
  • picnic
  • donate proceeds from the sale of a product
  • swim, run, bike, yoga, eat, garden, dance-a-thon!
  • sporting event or tournament
  • cocktail party
  • seed/plant swap
  • plant sale
  • garden party
  • BBQ
  • recipe/cookbook swap
  • wine tasting

Tips on asking for donations

  • Indicate on your invitations that donations will be accepted on behalf of the non-profit society Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture. You can even include a suggested donation amount. For example: Donations accepted for Growing Chefs! Chefs For Children’s Urban Agriculture. Suggested donation of $XX.
  • Set a fundraising goal. Announce an amount you hope to raise for the organization.
  • Let your guests know why you chose to support Growing Chefs! At your event, make a short speech or announcement about why the organization is important to you.
  • Provide guests with a container in which to place their cash donations. If guests wish to donate by credit card, have the website available for them to make their gift instantly.
  • If it’s a ticketed event, indicate on the tickets what portion of the proceeds will be donated to Growing Chefs! Ontario
  • Before the end of the event, announce how much has been raised for Growing Chefs!
  • After the event, send a follow up email or note to let guests know the final amount raised and thank them for their participation and generosity.

If you send us your guest list and their addresses, we can send them thank you cards to express our gratitude for their contributions. Thanks can also be sent electronically to save paper and postage.

Your donation 

You can make your donation in a number of ways:

  • Send us your collected cheques.
  • Please do not send cash by mail. Deposit the collected cash and write us a cheque.
  • Have your guests make donations online using our Paypal account, or process the donations using our Paypal account at your event.

Let us help you. We can: 

  • list your event on our website 
  • provide support materials like brochures and information cards
  • allow use of the name Growing Chefs! Chefs for Children’s Urban Agriculture
  • approve use of our logo
  • provide content for your promotional materials
  • provide thank you letters to donors
  • help to promote your event through our network
  • attend the event

What we can’t do:

  • Take on financial responsibility for event costs.
  • Apply for licenses for your event.

How to host a green event: 

  • Use local foods and beverages.
  • Use re-useable plates, glasses, and napkins.
  • Encourage guests to take public transit, car pool, bike, or walk.
  • Avoid bottled water. Use tap water instead.
  • Promote your event using email or recycled paper.

Take a look at our fundraising event terms and conditions.

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