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Growing Chefs! needs your support! We are a registered charity based in London, Ontario and have been incorporated since 2008. We rely on the support of individuals, businesses, and the community to operate. Please make a gift today!

Research shows that food literacy and cooking-based education…

  • Improves academic performance, especially in areas of math and science.
  • Improves student attitudes towards learning.
  • Helps to increase attention span.
  • Helps to improve standardized test results.

Your contribution will:

  • Give children hands-on experience growing their own food.
  • Help improve children’s eating habits to reduce childhood disease and obesity.
  • Help children understand the connection between food and their communities.
  • Give children basic cooking skills to share with their families.
  • Connect local chefs and restaurant staff with the community.
  • Bring important food education programming into more London classrooms. 

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