School Food Education Project

*Update: In order to assure the safety of our participants and staff, all of our in-person programing is currently on hold, and this webpage is not being updated. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date on our exciting online education opportunities!

The School Food Education Project is presented by Western Fair District!

The School Food Education Project aims to get kids excited about healthy food through grade-appropriate, interactive cooking & food literacy lessons with the Growing Chefs! Team.  Class lessons focus on plant growth, agriculture, culinary skills, as well as the importance and impact of our food choices. All lessons are designed to complement the Ontario curriculum with direct links to subjects like math, science, history, geography and art. Students will also learn basic cooking skills under the guidance of our professional Chef volunteers and staff. Teachers receive detailed lesson plans before each visit.

How it Works

  • Who it’s for: Entire schools receive programming, although lessons are delivered to individual classrooms, grades K-8
  • The Growing Chefs! team delivers programming to the whole school, visiting each class twice during the school year. Growing Chefs! brings all necessary equipment and ingredients.
  • Timing: Each individual classroom lesson is typically 1 to 1.5 hours long. Timing can be flexible depending on the school’s daily schedule. Each class is visited twice over the course of the project. The School Food Education Project will operate between November and April.
  • Cost: Thanks the to cmomittment and generosity of sponsors like the Western Fair District, the School Project is delivered at no cost to participating schools. 
  • One representative from the school will act as the school coordinator (School Champion*) and submit the below application

School Champion*

  • The School Champion will be liaison between Growing Chefs! and school staff. The Champion can be a principal, vice-principal, teacher, or other school staff. The school champion is responsible to do the following:

    • Complete the School Project Application process.

    • Create a schedule for classroom lessons during your school’s visits.

    • Arrange storage space for Growing Chefs! equipment, and an appropriate space for cleaning equipment and washing dishes.

    • Ensure that all relevant medical information, dietary restrictions and allergies that may be present in the school are passed on to the Growing Chefs! Team.

    • Coordinate your school’s Thank You Package for sponsorship appreciation.

    • Participate in project evaluation process.


  • A dedicated School Champion*.
  • Every classroom must be involved
  • While we are at the school, we require the following:
  1. A space to store our equipment and prep food for lessons - approximately three 8ft folding tables (or equivalent counter space) This space will act as Growing Chefs! Homebase while we are in your school.
  2. Fridge space to store ingredients (Minimum requirement = ½ of a standard household fridge).
  3. Sink space with hot running water for dish washing between lessons.
  • More detailed space requirements will be discussed with our School Project coordinator to ensure all spaces are suitable for the program to safely take place in your school.


  • The School Champion applies on behalf of the whole school.

  • The school must meet Growing Chefs! Eligibility criteria (these will be confirmed in a second phase of the application processes).

  • Please fill out the application below
School Food Education Program
Contact Information
If you are not one of the above, can you specify what position you hold?
Additional Information
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