Growing Communities

BYOW: Build Your Own Workshop! Growing Communities offers fun, educational and hands-on cooking experiences, guided by professional Chefs. Cooking workshops are designed specifically for your group. Workshops can cover healthy eating, safe food handling, seasonal Ontario grown food themes, meal planning, cooking on a budget, and more! Just tell us what you would love to cook with your group - and we will do our best to make it happen! 

How it Works

  • Who it’s for: London-based community groups. Groups typically have 16 - 24 participants but Growing Chefs can be flexible, depending on the space.

  • A Lead Contact* applies on behalf of a London-based community group by emailing

  • The Growing Chefs! Ontario team either visits a community group’s space (bringing all necessary equipment and ingredients) or invites the group into our Headquarters for a workshop relevant to the needs and desires of each specific group.

  • Timing: Growing Communities workshop can be scheduled throughout the year with flexibility in the time and day of the week.  The programming can be tailored to fit the group’s needs, but the workshops generally range from one to three hours. GCO staff will work with your group to choose a suitable timeline for your session.


  • A Lead Contact must take on responsibility and complete the below application form

  • It is the responsibility of the organization to cover the cost of program delivery and meal ingredients. That said, Growing Chefs! Is committed to making food education available in London. If cost is a barrier, please do not hesitate to contact Growing Chefs! to explore options.

  • Growing Chefs! Ontario’s staff will work with you to determine a suitable location for your workshop.  Access to a full kitchen space is not required to participate. We can either bring equipment to the group, or have them come to our kitchen.

Lead Contact Responsibilities

The Lead Contact can be any member of the community group, and is responsible for the following:

  • Fill out the webform below to apply   
  • Coordinate with the host location to schedule a date for the Family Activity Night.
  • Arrange storage space for Growing Chefs! equipment, and an appropriate space for cleaning equipment and washing dishes on-site
  • Ensure that all relevant medical information, dietary restrictions and food allergies that may exist in the group are passed on to the Growing Chefs! team.
Growing Communities
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