Family Activity Nights

*Update: In order to assure the safety of our participants and staff, all of our in-person programing is currently on hold, and this webpage is not being updated. Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media to stay up to date on our exciting online education opportunities!


Growing Chefs! Ontario is excited to expand our in-school programming beyond the classroom to include the school community. A Family Activity Night is a special event that will include several different age-appropriate activities where students, their parents, and their friends will prepare food to contribute to a feast the entire group will share! Special emphasis on taking these food skills out of the Growing Chefs! context and into a home kitchen, so we all have the skills and confidence to make great food choices!

How it Works

  • Who it’s for: Family activity nights are for 100 - 150 participants, specifically students of the school and their families. If your school is looking for a smaller scale program with Growing Chefs!, please look to our Growing Communities programs
  • Growing Chefs! Ontario’s team comes to the school on the scheduled evening to deliver the session. Growing Chefs! will provide all necessary equipment and ingredients. (Tables will be needed from schools)
  • Timing: Family Activity Nights are scheduled Monday through Wednesday evenings throughout the year, depending on availability of the Growing Chefs! Team. The activities and meals are scheduled for a three hour time period, but can be flexible depending on school size
  • A School Champion* applies on behalf of the school through the application form below.
  • Available 2020 Dates: April 29th, April 30th

*School Champion Responsibilities

The School Champion for a Family Activity Night will be the primary means of communication between Growing Chefs! and school staff. The champion can be a principal, vice-principal, teacher, or other school staff. In select cases, it could be a parent or community member. The school champion is responsible for:

  • Submitting the application below
  • Coordinating with the school to schedule a date for the Family Activity Night.
  • Arranging storage space for Growing Chefs! equipment, and an appropriate space for cleaning equipment and washing dishes.
  • Ensuring that all relevant medical information, dietary restrictions and allergies that may be present in the school are passed on to the Growing Chefs! team.


  • Cost: It is the responsibility of the school to cover the cost of program delivery and meal ingredients. We suggest applying for the Green Apple School Grant which opened for application on September 12th, 2019 and will be accepting applications until December 31st, 2019. That said, Growing Chefs! Is committed to making food education available in London. If cost is a barrier, please do not hesitate to contact Growing Chefs! to explore options.
  • Space: The Growing Chefs! team will set up in 3 or 4 different locations in the school (i.e. Gymnasium, two large classrooms, and library). Our team will conduct a site visit prior to the event to determine which spaces are most suitable.

  • Please complete the application below
Family Activity Nights
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