The Beet Cafe

How It Works

The Growing Chefs! Commercial Kitchen – we call it The Beet Café. 

Each year the Beet Café prepares and delivers over 30,000 hot healthy lunches through our school and camp lunch program. All Beet Café lunches are made from scratch, using the freshest local and seasonal ingredients we can get our hands on.

After the lunch service has ended each day, the Beet team continue to work in support of the Growing Chefs! Education Projects.  The Beet Café is the foundation from which our educational programming runs. Although meals made in The Beet Café are only sold at cost, with no profit margin, they cover the operational cost of the kitchen itself. This allows our Education Programming to operate from a certified kitchen space without having to build the cost into their operations – thus helping our Education Projects to reach more people.

Note: All meals for the lunch program are nut free. Any nuts listed in our recipes should be considered optional and can simply be omitted.


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