Whole Grains Baking Workshop

Sunday, March 17, 2019

A workshop dedicated to baking with whole grains.

The Whole Grain Hearth & Growing Chefs! Ontario have teamed up to bring you a truly local baking class with recipes and techniques that any home baker can follow. This workshop aims to focus on obtaining a complete understanding of baking with whole grains, its challenges, and its solutions. Including how to utilize its beautiful flavours and health benefits. Bring something new to the table and learn about the variety of grains beyond wheat, and how you can support the local grain economy. 

The Whole Grain Hearth

 A London, Ontario based bakery that takes pride in milling their flours fresh for their sourdough breads and whole grain pastries. There is no compromise between health and flavour here! 

WHAT TO EXPECT: An all day workshop including a series of lectures and real hands-on experience lead by Guest Pastry Chef Sammy Wardrop! This workshop will include professional instruction, tips, tricks and a sit-down lunch.

MENU: Whole grain baked goods utilizing various local flours including spelt, buckwheat, redfife, rye, and more.

DIETARY FLAGS: If you have ANY dietary restrictions or allergies PLEASE contact us in advance of the event so that we may accommodate appropriately.

REGISTRATION: First come, first served. Note: Act fast, as we limit this workshop to 16 participants.

WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable closed-toed shoes; we will provide you with an apron while you work! Don't forget to take notes and come with lots of questions.


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