Westminster College Foundation Sponsor Profile

Friday, July 8, 2016

Over the next few months we will be posting profiles highlighting some of our wonderful sponsors and talking about the great work they do both for us and for our community. We will be starting with one of our Tier One School Project sponsors, the Westminster College Foundation.

The story of Westminster College Foundation (WCF) began almost 60 years ago when seven public-spirited individuals had the idea to provide residential space for Western students affiliated with the United Church of Canada. This dream was later brought to life by Mr. Donald McGeachy and Mr. Lockwood Miller in 1960.

WCF started out as a ‘home away from home’ for United Church students attending Western University, simultaneously providing support for community learning and development. After operating as a residence for over 40 years, the building was sold in 2005. However, that did not stop WCF from contributing to their community, and they were granted Charitable Foundation status in 2007 in order to continue their great work in the London community.

WCF has had a staggeringly positive impact on our community by providing much needed support to charitable organizations. Since its inception as a Foundation in 2007, WCF has provided over $3.3 million to charities in the London area. They have sponsored just about everything, from summer camps to refugee assistance to Meals on Wheels. No cause is too big or too small for the WCF.

The WCF continually gives its all to help contribute to the London community. Their list of grant recipients is beyond extensive, and their charitable efforts have immeasurably improved life in London for youth and seniors.

As a Foundation, WCF provides grants to registered charitable organizations and continues to support the community as it has always done. WCF supports organizations that have programs that advance and assist areas of education, health and/or spiritual care, focusing on youth or seniors. They favour programs that demonstrate particularly creative new initiatives.

WCF and Growing Chefs! Ontario

WCF chose to support the Growing Chefs! Ontario School Project with a $15,000 grant in 2014 and again with an additional grant of $15,000 in 2015 because they believe it is a creative, innovative and effective way to engage youth in understanding the importance of food and nutrition. They admire that the School Project is delivered to the whole school and that the lessons not only include basic cooking skills, but also explain how to grow plants, the basics of agriculture, the importance of nutrition, and what the potential impact of making better food choices is, especially for those at such a young age.

The School Project has benefited greatly from the wonderful contributions of the Westminster College Foundation, with their generous donations allowing Growing Chefs! to purchase new equipment, local food supplies, and our recipe books that are sent home to help families involve their children in the cooking process.

With WCF’s help, Growing Chefs! is able to deliver School Project programming without passing costs on to participating schools, teachers or students. WCF has given us the resources to access more schools and help more children than ever before learn about the importance of cooking and of eating well.


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