TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Sponsor Profile

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Founded by TD Bank Group in 1990, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) is a national charity that funds environmental projects across Canada. With the support of more than 180,000 donors, TD FEF has provided approximately $82 million to over 24,000 environmental projects and programs.

TD FEF values projects that will create deep impact in the everyday lives of Canadians. The foundation has supported a wide variety of environmental work in the past with a current focus on the revitalization, animation and stewardship of public green spaces. “The appreciation of nature is a major hurdle in building environmental stewardship in today's plugged in society. Anything we can do to support a greater appreciation of nature in more citizens will have an amplified impact on the environment” says TD Environment Coordinator, Skye Vandenberg.

A point of pride for TD FEF is that the foundation has the flexibility and resources to review hundreds of applications from across Canada from small grassroots organizations. Through financial contributions, TD customers and staff have demonstrated constant commitment to the well-being of the environment over the past 27 years. In return, the TD FEF team ensures that the customer donations fund projects that impact their home towns and communities. TD FEF's unique organizational structure allows dollars donated in a community to be directly invested in environmental programs in that community. It takes just a moment to look at TD FEF’s supported projects to see how the foundation is affecting communities across Canada.

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation and Growing Chefs! Ontario

TD FEF recognizes that Growing Chefs! has demonstrated a strong commitment to changing the landscape of sustainable food systems. “Their program provides the long-term and hands on program that engages children in a way that classroom learning and one-off visits simply do not. The growing and cooking component creates such a rich program that it is really a model curriculum. These strengths are why TD FEF has been supporting the program since 2013.” - TD Environment, Coordinator

Growing Chefs! Ontario is privileged to name TD Friends of the Environment Foundation as one of our longest standing partners. With the help of TD FEF, Growing Chefs! has been able to consistently increase the number of students they see in the School Food Education project each year, making this year the biggest project so far with over 3200 students participating in the program. The incredible support shown by TD Friends of the Environment has allowed Growing Chefs! continue to bring important food education to London classrooms.

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