Sponsorship Announcement 2018-19 School Food Education Project

Saturday, June 1, 2019


Thanks to the generous support of many local donors and sponsors, this year our School Food Education Project reached over 6,500 students!!! Our biggest year yet!

The School Food Education Project includes all of the programming we offer in partnership with schools through our In-School Program, our Field Trip Programs and our Family Activity Nights. These school programs are both the roots and shoots of Growing Chefs!. It's how we got started, and it continues to be our biggest undertaking.  Growing Chefs! Ontario strives for The School Food Education Project to become a model for other community agencies and schools across the province who strive for more impactful food education and food literacy. After all, it is estimated that Ontario spends over 4 billion dollars annually treating the symptoms of poor dietary choices.

Each year, we reflect on how this work would not be possible without donors and sponsors - and this year it couldn’t be more true. As government funding for charities continues to become increasingly precarious, mutually beneficial partnerships with sponsors who choose to invest in common visions, become more and more important to community projects like ours. In 2018/19, sponsorships made up $120,000 of the School Food Education Project budget, including a significant Title Sponsorship from the Western Fair Association. 

 The body of sponsors and donors who help to fund Growing Chefs! give us a picture of the kind of "healthy community" we strive to build. These people and organizations have come together around good food to share skills, knowledge, time and resources for the benefit of the broader London population. In our investors, we have found a community of support and for that WE SINCERELY THANK YOU!  Our program staff and dedicated volunteers have the distinct honour of seeing children grow in confidence, curiosity and skill on a near-daily basis and we couldn't do it without your support and passion for good food, healthy community and empowered people. 

 To find out more about the School Food Education Project in 2018/19, check out our Classroom Journals. For information on how to become a School Food Education Project sponsor please contact sheri@growingchefsontario.ca.

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