Soup(er) Volunteer of of the day, Nancy Bennett!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Growing Chefs! owes a lot to our volunteers, and to show our appreciation we are showcasing some of our AMAZING volunteers on our blog! So, here is a post written by one of our long time volunteers, Nancy Bennett. 

Having been with Growing Chefs for over 3 years has given me an eye opening experience with all the organizations/events and schools that Growing Chefs deliver their amazing cooking and food knowledge programs to.

It allows me to utilize my previous culinary skills and to expand my knowledge and taste buds with all the great techniques and amazing recipes that are delivered to all ages;  I am even surprised  with myself with how I can interact and learn so much from children of all ages  on how they view their experience.

Cooking has always been an interest and having this type of organization to spread their knowledge and enthusiasm for healthy food programs, I believe if anything for these children it gives them the basics of what good food is and how they can prepare easy and healthy food in a fun environment. I know that they will all take away a little more knowledge that will go a long way for years in their future.  I would like to see that someday they can say “I remember making that or tasting that with Growing Chefs”.

Nancy Bennett


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