Souper Volunteer of the Day, Hilton!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Growing Chefs! owes so much to our volunteers! These people have brought passion and enthuasism about food to our cooking classes, encouragement to the children they engage with, and invaluable support to a growing organization! Each month we will be feature a few volunteers and asking them questions about their experience with Growing Chefs! Ontario. In this blog post, hear from our awesome volunteer, Hilton!

Describe a memorable moment while volunteering with us.

I have only one moment so far, however, I had the pleasure and honour to work with Andrew Fleet at my very first time!

Is there a new skill that you were able to develop or perfect? For example; how to cook, teach, lead, organize, etc.

As a newcomer to London and Canada (I arrived almost 3 months ago) knowing the cultural events, people, and all the differences was a wonderful experience which I would like to keep going.

Why do you volunteer with GC? 

I can say that I have everything to do with GC. I am an engineer but I love to cook I feel especially rewarded when kids appreciate what I cook for them. At home, I have cooked to my daughter from baby food until now. She had experienced different flavours, tastes and can recognize most of the herbs either tasting or looking at. I feel proud of that and I would love to spread the same knowledge and pleasure of healthy and fresh food (unprocessed) to other children.

I have more than 20 years of experience growing herbs, spices and some greens in my backyard and also in pots when I lived in an apartment.

I am a foodie guy and now my daughter is following my steps which make me very happy and proud. Although I am not radical we prefer fresh food rather than processed at home. I see Growing Chefs work with very good eyes and I would like to be part of it.

What are your hobbies, passions, interests?

Cooking, music (listen), movies, sports, motorsports, DIY, gardening and winter sports

What is your favourite food?

Made to order, fresh ingredients and well prepared.

What does food education mean to you?

Going to clichés I am a follower of “you are what you eat”. I think that most (I am an ordinary mortal and also love junk food) of the food that you put inside of you has to be good.

Furthermore, food education has some heritage and culturally embedded and if the meal is good it brings you good memories throughout your life.

I always link and remember a smell, taste and good moments that I had around a food table which is a pleasantly nostalgic feeling. 


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