Souper Volunteer of the Day, Cynthia!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Growing Chefs! owes so much to our volunteers! These people have brought passion and enthuasism about food to our cooking classes, encouragement to the children they engage with, and invaluable support to a growing organization! Each month we will be feature a few volunteers and asking them questions about their experience with Growing Chefs! Ontario. In this blog post, hear from our awesome volunteer, Cynthia!

Describe a memorable moment while volunteering with us.

During the week of Children’s Museum culinary camp, I had a wonderful experience to cook with the campers and Growing Chefs. We had prepared many healthy, seasonal, and delicious dishes together. My most memorable moment during the week is the activity on the final day. Children were using their new skills to prepare dishes and open their one-day restaurant. It was an enjoyable moment to try and create beautiful meal with their imagination together. 

Is there a new skill that you were able to develop or perfect? For example; how to cook, teach, lead, organize, etc.

From my past experience of cooking, I was always cooking by myself. Hence, it was very delightful for me to improve my cooking skills with the campers when I was volunteering with Growing Chefs. I had also improved my organizing and leading skills when I was supporting the campers to cook by themselves.

Why do you volunteer with GC?

I heard Growing Chefs through website which told me about food education. I would like to volunteer with children and also learn more about food.

What are your hobbies, passions, interests?

My recent interests are studying cooking programs on YouTube and try the new foods. Therefore, I enjoy volunteering with Growing Chefs which provided a great experience to try different local and international foods. 

What is your favourite food?

On my family’s dinner table, my favourite food is always the seasonal homemade soups. The homemade soups are prepared by the different seasonal vegetables which always make me feel warm and comfortable. The options of soup are change through the whole year would never bored me, which shown the attractive advantages of food. 

What does food education mean to you?

As a student studying food education, it is my major field of study which is parts of my life. It is an important issue that everyone would keep contact with it, but many people do not aware the importance. I notice that children in modern life are losing their opportunities to learn and know the process of food production from the yield to our plates. With the raising concern, I consider that food education would become my future path to support others.


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