Pay it Forward for The Pamper Project

Monday, June 4, 2018

Have you ever been stuck between the choice of paying bills, buying groceries, or having clean clothes?? Unfortunately, the reality for many is one in which they must forgo certain necessities to accommodate for other living expenses.

This issue really hits home for Melissa Power, the founder of For The Love of Laundry, who can reflect on a time that, as a single mother, the idea of doing laundry was considered a luxury. Her personal experience sparked a passion to help families going through similar experiences. With this passion, For The Love of Laundry was born – Melissa’s local laundry soap business in London, which to date has hosted 19 laundry events that have helped 819 people and resulted in 3756 free loads of laundry; saving London families over $15,000 in laundry services.

But they haven’t stopped there!! Out of a desire to do more for the many marginalized individuals in our community, For The Love of Laundry created The Pamper Project;

The Pamper Project is a much needed day of pampering for individuals in our community who may be facing marginalization and difficult financial situations that have required them to abandon certain basic needs. The pampering includes free haircuts, beard trims, manicures, make up applications, clothing, lunch, and other basic needs items.

 These basic needs items go beyond personal hygiene; these services provide individuals living on the margins of society with human kindness, connection and personal care.

Growing Chefs! is eager to jump on board with this amazing initiative, and every $18 raised by June 4th will go towards the donation of a fresh, locally sourced, nutritious pizza to this amazing local initiative.    

For more information on the Pamper Project, please visit:

Looking to donate?? Click the link below! All donations are much appreciated! Thank you! 


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