Para Partners Donor Profile

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brothers Noah and Adam started Para Partners in May 2015 in order to make enough money to adopt a rescue dog from ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), and pay for the adoption fees and initial vet fees.  Their core products are parachute cord bracelets that they hand weave and sell at various markets and events.  They also sell key-chains and other handmade items.

Noah and Adam successfully raised enough money to adopt a dog, but they didn’t stop there. They have continued to work at festivals and farmers’ markets in Northern Ontario, London, and St. Thomas, donating portions of their sales to charities from St. Thomas, Timmins, and London.

Noah and Adam have donated proceeds from their products to many deserving community organizations. They were too young to volunteer at the Grace Café, a non-profit street mission and soup kitchen in St. Thomas, so they decided to donate money to the Café instead. When they were at the Canada Day Festival in Timmins, they decided to donate to the Lord’s Kitchen, an organization that their grandparents had volunteered with.  The dog they had adopted from ARF, Poppet, was settling in to the family, and now the boys also wanted to give a portion of the money they earned as a donation to the organization. They also donated to the Banting House on behalf of a family member with diabetes. While at the Great Lakes International Airshow they were asked if they could support the London Military Family Resource Centre (the charity that the Airshow was in turn supporting), so they donated to them as well. They have also supported the Canadian Red Cross and Christmas Care, an organization in St. Thomas that provides lower income families with food and gifts at Christmas time.

Para Partners has recently added Growing Chefs! Ontario to the list of organizations that they have sponsored, donating more than $20 to our programming. We are so thankful to have the support of such wonderful and inspiring people.

While the boys occasionally encounter roadblocks in finding and making new products to sell, and seeking out new events at which to sell their products, they are very pleased with their success. Noah and Adam say that they are “...most proud of setting a goal of making enough money to adopt a dog and actually attaining that goal as a team.  We were able to save some money for when we get older as well as have some money to pay for some camps that we went to this summer.”

For more information about Noah and Adam, and how you can support their work, check out Para Partners, their Facebook page.


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