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Monday, December 19, 2016

Charcuterie boards are yet another mechanism for gathering people in the name of sharing food! In the case of Jen Rose and Devin Miller it is also the product that catapulted their lives into its next chapter, as they began their business, Miller & Co.

 After sustaining quite serious injuries, Devin decided to revisit his passion for woodworking. They began creating their now very popular cutting and charcuterie boards at their kitchen table in their apartment. The first time they set up at the Western Fair Farmers and Artisans Market, to sell their boards, they nearly sold out.

Jen and Devin love being connected to the local community. They make it a priority to shop at other local businesses saying that “we understand first hand how spending our money at small, independent businesses can have such a strong effect and lasting contribution.”

Eventually, they built enough of a loyal customer base to support opening a permanent location with a store front. With the new space, they were able to begin building small furniture pieces as well, helping to turn this once kitchen table craft into a full time business. In 2015 Miller & Co. opened their first "brick and mortar" store in The Old East Village which allowed Jen and Devin to commit to running the business full-time.

Just as the business was hitting it’s stride in the new location, Jen and Devin got the news that the building had sold, and they had until the end of their short term lease to find a new location. The resilient pair had recently been discussing how they were outgrowing their space, so they saw this challenge as an opportunity to grow their business.

They have now found their new space at 100 St. George Street and are preparing to open the new show room at the end of September. The renovation had many setbacks, but Devin and Jen didn’t let that derail their progress and business has not slowed down, orders continue to come in for their one of a kind woodwork. Their focus has evolved to mainly focus on building large furniture pieces, but they say that they will always continue to make the original cutting boards as an homage to their beginnings.

Miller & Co. and Growing Chefs! Ontario

The table Jen and Devin made for Growing Chefs! (Featured in Community Cooking Challenge videos) is made from tapped maple - they selected this wood type because the kids can connect to "this is where maple syrup comes from!".  All of the dark holes in the wood (epoxy filled, so no crumbs can fall in) are where they would have at one time placed the taps for syrup. This variety of maple also has mineral streaking, so it has lots of depth and character.

The finish used on Miller & Co. tables is a "no VOC" environmentally friendly finish - highly durable - food safe - and ready for kids and chefs of the program to use for years and years to come!

Growing Chefs! can’t thank Devin and Jen enough for their skilled and thoughtful work! The table will be used as a centre point for our new teaching kitchen. Growing Chefs! Is thrilled to continue partnering with Miller & Co to impact children and families and their positive relationships with food.

 Written By Growing Chefs! Volunteer: Lauren O'Donnell

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