Lerners LLP 90th Anniversary $90,000 Charitable Giveaway

Saturday, June 1, 2019


As Lerners reflects on 90 years as a firm, they are recognizing the support of many clients, staff and friends who have been instrumental to their success. The Lerners LLP 90th Anniversary Charitable Giveaway will see a total of $90,000 donated in honour of our 90 years as a law firm to various charities and not-for-profit organizations which have impacted their clients, staff and friends in a meaningful way.

 Growing Chefs! Ontario would LOVE to be one of those charities considered!

Our ask... How would you like to continue supporting us, by writing and submitting an IMPACT STORY to let the greater community know how we have made an impact on YOU!?!?

Below is information you will need in order to submit an impact story. Please review the details below and click the following link to submit: https://www.lerners90.ca/submit-your-story

Your personal impact story is a maximum 500 words and needs to include the following items:

1)    Background of the Eligible Charity: We have provided example text below, which you may choose to cut and paste, to tell our Growing Chefs! Ontario back story; or feel free to edit at will to give the information provided your own spin!

2)    How the Eligible Charity has helped the entrant: This is where we need you to provide your own personal story about your Growing Chefs! experience! and why you would like to support us! 

3)    Why the Eligible Charity should receive a donation, including how the donation would be used: Our plan is to use the Lerner’s donation towards supporting our School Food Education Project

4)    How the entrant is connected to Sponsor: Please provide Lerner’s with some detail on how you are connected to Growing Chefs! Ontario! 

Sample “Background of Eligible Charity” text (Q1):

Growing Chefs! Ontario is a registered charity based in London, Ontario.  We unite Chefs, growers, educators and community members in children's food education projects.  We aim to change the way children, youth, families and the greater community learn about food. Our mission is to get kids excited about healthy, wholesome food. 

For over 11 years, Growing Chefs! Ontario has proven itself as the leading organization in Ontario in creating avenues for professional Chefs to get involved in our community and provide impactful hands-on cooking and food literacy programming for thousands of children, youth and families across London and surrounding areas, annually.  By means of our programming, over 25,000 London and area children and youth have been given opportunities to explore healthy foods with our team. 

Sample “Why Charity should receive donation” text (Q3):

A Donation on behalf of the Lerner’s 90th Charitable Giveaway would go to support the School Food Education Project, which aims to get elementary school students excited about healthy food through grade-appropriate, interactive cooking and food literacy lessons with the Growing Chefs! Ontario team.  The School Food Education Project is comprised of four separate programs to ensure that any interested school has the opportunity to participate regardless of financial, social or logistical barriers. Each year the project reaches over 6000 students across London and area. Lerner’s 90th funds would support food costs, equipment upkeep and project coordination.

We thank you so much for taking the time to spread our message and provide an opportunity for us to receive much needed donor funds to maximize our community impact!

Now, one last request ~ please send us a copy of your impact story too – we would LOVE to be able to see it, read it and share it with our funders! What better way to prove community support than stories directly from the locals! (Plus reading them makes us feel really good!)

Once your formal submission has been sent via the link above, please copy and paste your impact story into an email for Christy to receive a copy: info@growingchefsontario.ca. Stories are accepted until June 30th!!!

A HUGE THANKS TO YOU for sharing your Impact Story! – The Growing Chefs! Ontario Team

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