It's Here!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, partners and supporters, wonderful people all,

We would like to share with you our 2013-2014 Annual Report

It is fresh off the (internet) press and eager to be perused by you. Take a peek inside for the exciting new direction of our School Project, see to what (delicious) heights The Beet Cafe has flown, discover who wants to jump off a cliff face first, mouth open, right into a pile of stir fry, and find out who makes up the top secret (not really) team behind Growing Chefs! (Did you know we have an official (sort of) Strategic Navigator of Stormy Seas?)

You can find all these thrills right here!

  The Clark Family Foundation
 Urban Harvest Landscape
zdybThe Wilson Family FoundationThe Joanne and Tom Cowan Fund
The William and Katharine Kostuk Family FundLove Alchemy Cornerstone
TillsonburgLFHSGoodlife Fitness