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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Exciting news! The official launch of our brand new, overhauled School Project is close on the horizon.

With this new model, we are now able to reach more than 2,500 students! It is very important to us that the project be offered at no cost to schools and families so as not to exclude anyone from being able to participate.

As we pump up our fundraising efforts to keep up with this new delivery model, there are more opportunities than ever for local businesses and organizations to lend their support. And, we have just a few sponsorship tier spots left open that are waiting eagerly to be snapped up. 

Please peruse our brand new sponsorship package to find out how your business can become one of our valued supporters. You can find the package right here(Or perhaps you would like to see one of your favourite businesses support a cause you care about, too? Consider sharing the package with them.) 

Get in touch with us at so that we can find the best fit for you to keep us a-growin'!


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