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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Happily, “Farm to Table” is a common concept these days. The farm might be the one by which we drive on the way to the cottage, or the farmer we visit for fresh eggs at our local farmers’ market. The table might be the worn wooden one in our dining room, white-linen covered at our favourite restaurant, piled high with plates at a friend’s potluck or crowded around at a family holiday dinner. And then there’s the last piece - CK Table - “the ‘to’ in Farm to Table.”

The folks at CK (or Chatham Kent) Table create events when they see an opportunity to bring our community - farmers and consumers both - together to tell the story of local food. As a social enterprise, CK Table looks to create change in the community by building value for farming, food, and healthy eating, and runs events centered on this theme to help consumers learn about and appreciate local food production.

This year marks some exciting changes for CK Table events as it expands beyond their signature fall dinner and primarily rural events of the past to expand its programming into Regenerate - a four day special event to celebrate southwestern Ontario farming, food and communities. Taking place September 29th to October 2nd, highlights will include special local menus at London restaurants Glassroots and The Root Cellar, the Covent Garden Market outdoor farmers’ market (including some special activities run by Growing Chefs!), a Farmer Field Day, a film screening, heritage grain tasting, baking seminar and more! The events will also help to raise funds for Growing Chefs! in order to bring our programming to students in Chatham Kent.

In the organizations and events that it supports, first and foremost CK Table looks for authenticity and commitment to telling the real story behind people's food. They value teamwork, commitment and being true to the cause of healthy, nutrition food for all people - and this is right where Growing Chefs! Ontario fits in. “We have not found a better program that has such a dramatic impact in our research and work,” says Paul Spence a Kent Bridge farmer who co-founded the CK Table. “The program works and changes lives!”

Another favourite partnership of Paul’s is with Jenn Kranenburg's class at Queen Elizabeth Public School. The partnership between CK Table and the class has grown each year, and has now expanded to impact not only the students, but their families as well. The partnership this year will also showcase a school garden project and a partnership with Growing Chefs! Ontario to deliver our full School Project and bring food literacy skills to all students throughout the school. Paul is most excited to see the impact at Queen Elizabeth P.S. of the School Project through its empowerment of children to discover food and take ownership of their food choices. We at Growing Chefs! are honoured to play a part in this endeavour and assist C-K Table as it becomes a catalyst in creating North America’s premier self-sustaining rural food system.


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