Thank You to our 2017/18 School Food Education Project Sponsors

Thursday, March 29, 2018

It may seem like Growing Chefs! always has some kind of food education project on the go. And it's true! Through the support of many generous donors and sponsors, we will reach approximately 8000 people through our food education programs. That's not even including all the people who will interact with and support Growing Chefs! through our various public and private dinning events. 

Our food education projects are divided into three streams - Growing Communities (for community-based partnerships), Growing Chefs! Programs (like our cooking classes and day camps) and last but certainly not least, the School Food Education Project (SFEP). The SFEP includes all our partnerships with schools like the in-school Project, HQ Field Trips, Fresh Food Frenzy and Family Activity Nights. These school programs are both the roots and shoots of Growing Chefs! It's how we started, and it continues to be our biggest undertaking. Of the 8000 people we'll see in food education this year, approximately 4700 will come  through school partnerships. WOW! 

Every year, we talk about how all this work would not be possible without our donors and sponsors. This year is perhaps the truest testament to that statement. Growing Chefs! Ontario strives to be a model of sustainable food education, and we mean "sustainable" in the most holistic sense - including financial sustainability. As government funding for charities continues to be precarious, financial sustainability will depend on mutually beneficial partnerships with sponsors who choose to invest in a common vision: good food as a catalyst for healthy communities. In 2017/18, sponsorships will make up $60 000 of the SFEP budget, including a significant title sponsorship from the Western Fair. 

Aside from financial sustainability, the body of sponsors and donors who fund Growing Chefs! also give us a picture of the kind of "healthy community" we strive to build. These people and organizations have come together around good food to share skills, knowledge, time, and resources for the benefit of the broader London population. In our funders, we find a community of support. 

So, thank you. Our program staff and volunteers have the distinct honour of seeing children grow in confidence, curiosity and skill on a near-daily basis, and we couldn't do it without your support and passion for good food, healthy community, and empowered people. 

To read more about the School Food Education Project in 2017/18, check out our Classroom Journal. Contains pictures and stories from in schools! (The link directs to a low resolution file for fast web viewing. To see a higher quality version of the Classroom Journal, contact

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Anything Grows Seed Co.                   

Friends of the London Civic Garden Complex      

Patrick’s Beans      

Shangrila Yoga

A Cut Above Meats

Rotary Club of London

Monteith Brown Planning

Pristine Olive

Thorndale Agricultural Society 

David's Bistro


Urban Harvest Landscape 

Parkway Gardens

Digital Media Sponsor

Thank you so much (once more!) to each and every one of our fantastic sponsors.



  The Clark Family Foundation
 Urban Harvest Landscape
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The William and Katharine Kostuk Family FundLove Alchemy Cornerstone
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