2015 School Project Sponsors

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

As you likely know, we here at Growing Chefs! HQ believe that cooking develops and encourages many important skills in areas of math, science, history, geography, literacy and even art. 

Understanding how we grow food, learning about where it comes from, the different names given to foods, how we use our senses with food, the history of different foods and what they mean in different cultures all help children to develop better eating habits. 

That’s where our School Project comes in. Now freshly redesigned, seven entire schools will receive the program this school year. In total we will show 2,500 students how to get excited about eating wholesome, healthy food. 

Most importantly, all of this delicious excitement wouldn’t be possible without the support of over 20 community partners. To all of those sponsors - thank you for helping us realize this mission! We couldn’t do it without you. And to the rest of our Growing Chefs! community - please consider supporting all of these incredible organizations and businesses, and show your Growing pride!


School Project 2014/15

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And our outstanding sponsors,

Tier One:

Tier Two:

Tier Three:


Tier Four:


Tier Five:

Anything Grows Seeds                                          The Root Cellar Organic Cafe

Heeman's                                                               Thorndale Optimists

Hybrid Fitness                                                        Western Fair Farmers' and Artisans' Market

Locomotive Espresso                                           Yoda's Private Catering

The Only On King                                                  Yoga Shack

The Springs Restaurant

  The Clark Family Foundation
 Urban Harvest Landscape
zdybThe Wilson Family FoundationThe Joanne and Tom Cowan Fund
The William and Katharine Kostuk Family FundLove Alchemy Cornerstone
TillsonburgLFHSGoodlife Fitness