The 2012 Classroom Gardening Project Lesson 3

Thursday, July 12, 2012

View our full report from our Third class visit!  ClassroomJournalLesson 3.pdf

This visit turns out to be one of the favourites of both the chefs and the students every year. Again, everyone is very excited when the chefs arrive at the school.

As usual the lesson begins with a garden talk - The students have a lot to update the chefs on as their gardens are getting very big now. Many of the grade 1 classes have graphed the growth of the garden and are excited to share their observations.

"The beans grew the fastest at the start, but the squash is quickly catching up!"  shares a student as we review their work. One of the classes hid a very realistic toy turtle in one of the lettuce gardens and was quite successful in startling our volunteer team! Everyone had a great laugh at our expense!

Next we have a talk with students about the importance of Math in the kitchen.

"Did you know that a chef uses math every time they cook? Knowing how to measure, use fractions, and being able to do quick addition, subtraction, division and multiplication are essential skills for a chef to have."  The students then learn the basic math behind salad dressing - 3 parts oil to 1 part acid (or everything else) - and they explore a variety of ingredients that can be used in salad dressing. The chefs then demonstrate a quick dressing for the students and they taste it using a variety of lettuces. This is also the first chance for the students to taste something from their classroom garden. The students are encouraged to try making their own dressings at home using the recipe books provided by our Classroom Sponsors.

After the lettuce tasting, we read the book: Foods With Moods - How Are You Peeling – by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers - where characters with different Moods are made from various kinds of fruit and vegetables. 

The students then are given apples to make their own Food with Mood character. After the students are asked to write a short story about their character! 

It has been a very busy day for everyone! The students are getting more comfortable with tasting and trying new foods and everyone is very excited for our last visit when we will be making a meal with the veggies from the classroom gardens. 

Stay tuned next week for our report on lesson four! 

Happy Eating Everyone! 



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