The 2012 Classroom Gardening Project Lesson 1

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The 2012 Classroom Gardening Project is underway! So far this year has been the biggest and most successful to date.

View our full report from our first class visit! ClassroomJournalLesson1.pdf

With help from the generous grant received from The Ontario Trillium Foundation, we have been able to expand the Project to work with 20 different classrooms in 14 schools in London and one in St. Thomas.

We have had an amazing response from the local Chef community with 23 chefs and cooks and over 40 total volunteers participating – more than ever before!

Armed with re-worked lesson plans our volunteer teams first visited the classrooms – ranging from kindergarten to grade 4 – in early April to help the students plant their indoor vegetable gardens.  The students keep the gardens in their classrooms and are encouraged to observe, measure and make predictions on their daily and weekly growth.

It is always interesting to me how surprised the students are when they begin to grasp the concept that vegetables are plants – and come from the soil, not the store.

This year we were able to bring 12 different kinds of seeds for the students to explore. Finally the students plant their own gardens, consisting of Peas, Beans, Lettuces, Basil, Squash as well as a few “secret” seeds that were planted amongst the gardens. It was fun to see what the students observed as an onion, or a few carrots began growing amongst a pot of peas or beans….

Stay tuned in the coming days for our summery of Lesson 2. 

Happy Eating Everyone! 


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