Parent's Corner

Meet our incredible Beet Cafe Chef Team

From Left to Right: Chris St. Laurent, Sous Chef - Stephen O'Quinn, First Cook - Sean Walter, Second Cook - Nick Paus, Assistant Cook. 

Food Education Resources 

The Beet Cafe aims to introduce children to a wide range of new foods and meals which can sometimes challenge developing taste buds.

Below are a few resources to help parents and families find startegies and positive approaches to continuing to introduce new foods at home that are both delicious and healthy.

The Government of Canada recently updated their Food Guide and the proper portions and calorie amounts that we should be consuming with every meal, check it out!

The Ontario Dietitians in Public Health are here to share food literacy research and resources with you.

We build positive relationships with food through social, cultural, and environmental experiences and food literacy helps us to build our knowledge of the importance of food and food relationships. 


Six by Sixteen focuses on teaching the next generation on how to make healthy nutritious food choices from youth to adulthood. 


Questions or Concerns?

Please contact Chris, our Sous Chef at;


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