Cooking develops and encourages many important skills in areas of math, science, history, geography, literacy and even art.

Understanding how we grow food, learning about where it comes from, the different names given to foods, how we use our senses with food, the history of different foods and what they mean in different cultures all help children to develop better eating habits.

Growing Chefs! Ontario offers a variety of food education projects aimed at children from 5 years – 24 years. Use the links on this page to learn about which Growing Chefs! project is right for your children, school, class or group.

In exciting news, we are in the process of recruiting our 2015/2016 School Project sponsors! Help us reach more than 2,600 students in year, while having your brand associated with healthy living in London. Please peruse our brand new sponsorship package to find out more. You can find the package here.