Thank You Letter from The Grade 2/3 Classes at Ryerson P.S.

 Dear Growing Chefs and Helpers,

Thank you for volunteering your time, and working hard to teach us how to plant a garden, and prepare food.  We really enjoyed growing lettuce, beans, and an onion (even if it was by accident!).  Thanks for teaching us how to plant those vegetables!  We thought that watering the plants was fun, because we got to use the spray bottle.  The food you helped us make was delicious!  Our favourite thing to eat was the root vegetable chips.  This was because many people like root vegetables, and lots of people also like chips.  The dish was a great combination of both foods.  When you brought the colourful carrots in, you taught us that long ago there were only purple carrots; this was an interesting fact to learn.  Thank you for coming to our classroom to teach us about plants, new vegetables and meal preparation.

Your friends,
The Grade 2/3 Class at Ryerson Public School

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