Fresh Food Frenzy

Growing Chefs! Ontario invites individual grade 1-3 classes on a field trip to visit the Covent Garden Farmers Market. Students explore the farmers market, purchase ingredients, and share their findings with the class then make a delicious three course lunch in the Market Kitchen. This program gives students a unique opportunity to connect with local farmers and learn about the journey of their food from farm to table..

How it Works

  • Who it’s for: For individual classes, grade 1-3
  • Classes visit the Covent Garden Market on a Thursday morning.
  • The chefs and student groups take a tour of the Covent Garden Market to meet farmers and purchase ingredients with Harvest Bucks (vouchers provided by Growing Chefs!)
  • Timing: Field trips are 3 hours long, scheduled on Thursdays in September-October or May-June (harvest seasons) from 9:30-12:30.
  • One teacher submits the application below on behalf of their class.


  • Schools are responsible for providing transportation to and from the Covent Garden Market.
  • This program has no cost to participating classes, however we ask that donations be made where possible to help us further the reach of our programs.
Fresh Food Frenzy
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